Invitation to Symposium

Organised by the Kilis 7 Aralık Univeristy the “International Middle East Symposium” will be held in Kilis, an old Ottoman city with great ancient heritage, between 26 and 27 October, 2017. Serious developments and transformations have taken place in the life, culture, politics and foreign relations of the Middle East from the Battle of Marj Dabiq to date.  The symposium aims to address these political and social developments that are also closely related to and have had impact on the city and neighbouring areas. The history, culture, societies and political structure of Kilis and neighbouring areas will be discussed under the light of current developments and transformations within the Middle East. We would be glad to see you participation either as presenter or participant in the discussions covering the aforementioned issues as well as such other topics as the Arab uprisings, political movements, state construction, civil-military relations, democratic politics, social legitimacy of the authority, social justice, social media, new political consciousness, foreign politics, culture and so on.